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Online Ordering from Mirchi Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine

Welcome to the Mirchi Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine, online ordering service where you can quickly order takeaway for Please use the search features on the left to find items, then use the buttons to add them to your order.

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Chicken Tikka (Starter)£3.95Qty:
Marinated in yoghurt with aromatic spices and barbecued on skewers in the tandoori clay oven
Chicken Chum Chum£3.95Qty:
Strips of Chicken Tikka covered in bread crumbs, deep fried and served with chilli sauce
Sheek Kebab£3.95Qty:
Minced meat mixed with herbs and spices barbecued on skewers in the tandoori clay oven
Vegetable SamosaSuitable for Vegetarians£2.95Qty:
Crispy pancake envelopes filled with mixed vegetables and seasoned with herbs and spices
Onion BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
Shredded onions mixed with freshly ground spices, bound with gram flour and deep fried
Mirchi Mixed Bite£4.55Qty:
Chicken tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhaji
Chingri Safrani£5.95Qty:
Shell on king prawns cooked with mint yoghurt and slightly spiced deep fried potato balls covered in bread crumbs

Tandoori Speciality

Tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt with aromatic spices and cooked in a tandoori clay oven on skewers. The charcoal and high temperatures create a unique barbecue process sealing in the goodness and giving a very special flavour. Served with fried onions, salad and a mint yoghurt sauce.

Tandoori Chicken (Half - on the bone)£7.55Qty:
Chicken Tikka (off the bone)£7.95Qty:
Tandoori King Prawn£18.95Qty:
Tandoori Mixed Grill£13.95Qty:
Tandoori combination served with plain naan and including: chicken tikka, tandoori king prawn, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab
Chicken Shashlik£9.95Qty:
Chicken Tikka cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and onions on skewers.

House Speciality

Mirchi Chicken Coconut Curry
£11.50Add to Cart
Cooked with chopped onions, garlic, ginger, sugar, lemongrass, lime leaves, coconut milk and lightly spiced chicken
Balti Korai
£8.95Add to Cart
Stir Fried large tomato, capsicums and onions combining Tibetan and Kashmiri influences cooked in a thick sauce with medium hot but strong spices.
Chicken Rezella
£9.95Add to Cart
Diced chicken tikka cooked with onions, mixed spices and sliced green chilli in a semi dry Bhuna sauce
Chicken Naga Baba
Very HotVery HotVery HotVery Hot
£9.95Add to Cart
Chicken cooked with the hottest chillies in the world with fresh ground spices. Sylhety style bhuna sauce.
Chicken Jalfrezi
£8.15Add to Cart
Chicken barbecued and stir fried with sliced onion, capsicum, fresh green chillies and tomatoes in a hot spicy sauce.
Garlic Chilli Masalla Balti Chicken
£9.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka cooked with sliced garlic, chillies and balti masalla sauce
Lamb Khodu Curry
£9.95Add to Cart
Lamb and butternut squash cooked with ginger, garlic, mixed spices and fresh coriander
King Prawn Malabari
£17.55Add to Cart
Succulent king prawns marinated in a house blend of mixed spices cooked with sliced garlic and fresh green chillies in a thick sauce
Reshmi Chicken
£10.95Add to Cart
Tender chicken breasts marinated in yoghurt, very light spices and then baked in the tandoori clay oven. Dressed with honey and served with coconut buttery sauce and accompanied with salad.
Hari Mirchi Bhuna
£9.95Add to Cart
Tender Juicy pieces of lamb cooked with spinach, tomatoes, fresh green chilli and coriander (one of the most popular dishes in India for centuries)
Cooked in a special succulent thick, rich, mild sauce prepared with cream, yoghurt, almonds and coconut (The UKs most popular dish)
Chicken Tikka Masalla£8.55Add to Cart
King Prawn Tikka Masalla£17.55Add to Cart
Lamb Masalla£8.95Add to Cart
Cooked with chopped onion, tomatoes, peppers and ground nuts in masalla sauce
Chicken Tikka Peshwari£8.55Add to Cart
King Prawn Tikka Peshwari£17.55Add to Cart
Lamb Peshwari£8.95Add to Cart

Biryani Dishes

Cooked in ghee with onions in a blend of mixed spices, sultanas, ground coconut and the finest basmati rice. Served with a medium spiced curry.

Chicken Biryani£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Biryani£9.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Biryani£9.95Add to Cart
King Prawn Biryani£17.95Add to Cart

Traditional Dishes

Garlic Chilli Bhuna
Cooked with green paste, a fiery blend of fresh garlic and green chillies in a Bhuna sauce
Chicken Garlic Chilli Bhuna£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Garlic Chilli Bhuna£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Garlic Chilli Bhuna£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Garlic Chilli Bhuna£11.95Add to Cart
A hot sweet and sour Bhuna dish prepared with onions, fresh tomatoes, a hint of garlic and selected fresh ground spices
Chicken Pathia£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Pathia£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Pathia£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Pathia£11.95Add to Cart
Prepared with lentils, chopped pineapple and the aromatic spices producing a hot sweet and sour sauce.
Chicken Dhansak£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Dhansak£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Dhansak£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Dhansak£11.95Add to Cart
Rogan Josh
Spiced with freshly ground herbs in a bhuna sauce then topped with fresh onions and sliced tomatoes
Chicken Rogan Josh£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Rogan Josh£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Rogan Josh£11.95Add to Cart
a delicately spiced sweet and rich creamy dish cooked in creamed mango and coconut
Chicken Korma£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Korma£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Korma£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Korma£11.95Add to Cart
Madras Curry is said to originate from the South of India and gets its name from the city known as Madras when English merchants arrived there in 1640. Cooked in gravy with lemon juice and aromatic hot spices
Chicken Madras£6.95Add to Cart
Chicken Tikka Madras£8.55Add to Cart
Lamb Madras£8.95Add to Cart
Tiger Prawn Madras£11.95Add to Cart

Vegetarian Dishes

Mixed Vegetable MasallaSuitable for Vegetarians
Cooked in a special succulent, thick rich mild sauce prepared in cream, yoghurt, almonds and coconut
Mixed Vegetable KormaSuitable for Vegetarians
Delicately spiced sweet and rich creamy dish cooked in creamed mango and coconut
Mixed Vegetable Rogan JoshSuitable for Vegetarians
Spiced with freshly ground herbs in bhuna sauce and topped with fresh onions and sliced tomatoes
Mixed Vegetable DhansakSuitable for Vegetarians
Prepared with lentils, chopped pineapples and aromatic spices producing a hot sweet and sour sauce
Chana Aloo MatarSuitable for Vegetarians
Chickpeas, potato and garden peas cooked in a bhuna sauce using the traditional Sylheti cooking method
Mooli Paneer KoraiSuitable for Vegetarians
Stir fried white radish, Indian cheese, tomatoes and onions cooked in a thick sauce. Medium hot but strongly spiced

Side Dishes

Bombay AlooSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
oven baked spiced potato
Saag AlooSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
Spinach and potato
Tarka DhalSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
lentils tempered with garlic
Saag PaneerSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
spinach cooked with Indian cheese
Mushroom BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
Mushroom with spices
ChipsSuitable for Vegetarians£2.55Qty:


Boiled RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£2.55Qty:
Pilau RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£2.85Qty:
Basmati rice cooked in pure ghee
Mushroom RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
Mushroom with pilau rice
Lemon RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.95Qty:
Refreshing with mustard seed and lemon peel
Coconut RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.55Qty:
Steamed coconut rice with ghee
Garlic Rice£3.55Qty:


Plain NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.25Qty:
Peshwari NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.75Qty:
Almonds, sultanas, cream, sugar, sesame seeds
Garlic NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.75Qty:
with garlic and herbs
Keema Naan£2.75Qty:
stuffed with minced meat
Tandoori RotiSuitable for Vegetarians£2.15Qty:
Flat bread


Plain PoppadomSuitable for Vegetarians£0.60Qty:
Spicy Poppadom£0.60Qty:
Mango ChutneySuitable for Vegetarians£0.60Qty:
Mixed PickleSuitable for Vegetarians£0.60Qty:
Onion SaladSuitable for Vegetarians£0.60Qty:
Mint SauceSuitable for Vegetarians£0.60Qty:
RaithaSuitable for Vegetarians£1.95Qty:
Cooling yoghurt served with cucumber, carrot and herbs


San Miguel 0'0 330ml£2.23Qty:
Alcohol FREE
Pepsi 330ml Can£1.23Qty:
Diet Pepsi 330ml Can£1.23Qty:
R Whites Lemonade 330ml Can£1.23Qty:
J20 275ml Bottle£1.89Qty:
Red Bull 250ml Can£3.23Qty:
Orangina 250ml Bottle£1.67Qty:
Fentimans Ginger Beer 275ml Bottle£1.67Qty:
Still Water 330ml Bottle£1.23Qty:
Sparking Water 330ml Bottle£1.23Qty:
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